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Preschool skills and behavior are learned all day in all the different areas of activities. The children are usually in 2 to 3 different groups, depending on age level and maturity. Each age group participates in scheduled activities in age appropriate ways. Maybe the older ones will be forming letters with play dough, while the younger ones might be rolling and squeezing the dough to learn what its possibilities are.
The groups come together at certain times throughout the day. We balance a variety of educational, structured, fun activities with creative free play. Children learn through play and social interaction.
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Outside activities include sand and water play, sandbox, gardening, science and insect exploration, bubbles, preschool games, various sports activities, parachute play, lot’s of supervised free play, etc.


Our program consists of Music class, Dance class, Yoga class, and Exercise class. We alternate the classes so the children participate in a different class each week. Our Music, Dance, and Yoga classes are taught by Jamacia Stevens of Jamaroo Kids. You can visit her website at We also have a large selection of musical instruments for the children to experiment with and create their own music. They enjoy marching bands and dancing with instruments. A variety of music is usually played for their enjoyment.


These various activities help children learn math concepts like counting, color and shape recognition, and logical thinking. They help with hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills. These activities are done in age appropriate groups with lots of socialization and cooperation.


We incorporate our Preschool Curriculum into our Arts and Crafts time. We subscribe to a comprehensive program that is set up with a variety of creative activities each day. On one day we may be learning about the letter “F”. Our Art activity could be painting and cutting out a frog puppet. Our Arts and Crafts time is filled with various materials. For example, paint, glue, children’s scissors (for older children), play dough, pens and colored pencils, stencils, stamps and stickers, etc. are available. Lots of free coloring is available on plain paper. Art helps develop fine motor skills and gives children a source to express their feelings.


Helps with measuring and following directions. Cooking encourages healthy eating habits by participating in the preparation and tasting the final product.


Games are an excellent means for young children to learn taking turns, sharing, following directions and beginning academics of counting, color and shape recognition.


Science and Nature is an important part of our program. We have a Science Table with various displays and specimens following the theme of what area we are currently learning about. Children are encouraged to bring specimens to share with the group. Any live specimens are viewed and shared for a short time and then returned to their natural habitat. Throughout the year we are observing the life cycle of various things like butterflies, frogs, silk worms, ladybugs, etc. They will be released into the yard when appropriate. When seasonally available we set out Preying Mantis cocoons. When they hatch we usually find them in various stages of growth throughout the yard. We also view shells, rocks, plants, fossils, our solar system, etc.


Each day the children come together for listening to stories being read, discussion of the calendar and weather and for sharing. Each child has a sharing day. This is also a time when we discuss elements of our Preschool Program for the day.

Each day the children will bring home a “What Did I Do Today?” paper. This will list some of the books we read, music we listened to, items that were shared, our Arts & Crafts activity, other special activities, what is on our science table, what we had for lunch, and other particulars about your child’s day. This is a great opportunity for you to share in a discussion with your child about the events of his/her day.