Frequently Asked Questions Email:
Phone: (415) 897-8494
Facility#: 214200059

Do you commute children to outside events like Soccer practice or Gymnastics Class?
We do not commute children to outside events.

Do you have substitute care if you are sick?
We have 3 adults on our staff and if one person should become ill, we have 2 other backups. We make a big effort to minimize the spread of germs through frequent hand washing and disinfecting surfaces. We have never had to close due to staff illness. We are part of a close group of Novato Providers who are able to offer substitute care in case of illness.

Is care available outside of business hours?
Care outside of business hours is available with advance notice if Provider is available.

Do you have pets in the house?
We do not currently have dogs or cats. We have small tanks of fish, hermit crabs, frogs, etc. for the children to watch.

Do you have additional safety features?
We have smoke alarms in every room, and a Pull-Down Fire Alarm system at the entrance to the house. Our doors have a single release lock for emergency exit. We have a ceiling sprinkler system in case of fire throughout the house. Our front door remains locked during the day to assure we know at all times who is seeking entrance. All providers are CPR certified, 1st Aid Trained, and Health and Safety Trained. Each group of children has an adult with them at all times. They are never left unattended.

What kind of foods do you serve?
We are members of the USDA Child Food Program. We adhere to their strict guidelines for proper child nutrition. Click here to see a sample weekly menu.